The Director

Shelley Torres Aldeen, Gateway's director and Infant Community guide, founded Gateway Montessori in 2006. Shelley has been involved in the Montessori world for over 35 years. She is trained in both the Infancy (birth to 3) and Primary (3 to 6) levels by Association Montessori Internationale. She also holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Early in her career, Shelley worked for many years at a prominent Montessori school in Chicago, establishing the first AMI Parent-Child Program and Infant Community. She became interested in training adults in Montessori theory and practice, and worked with several AMI training centers in the US and abroad.  In addition to being an Auxiliary Trainer, Shelley is an AMI-USA consultant to teachers and school directors.

The name "Gateway" honors the school Shelley's young children attended in California, the school that introduced Shelley to the work and world of Dr. Maria Montessori.  We hope that our Gateway-- which Shelley's grandchildren now attend-- will be your entrance into this wonderful and remarkable educational philosophy.